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May 16th 2024

Episode 17 – Navigating Sustainability in IT Networking

In this episode, hosts and industry leaders Nicholas Bridgeman and James Williamson dive into the urgent topic of sustainability in networking.

May 16th 2024

Episode 16 – Cisco Live 2024 Recap and Industry Insights

In this instalment of ‘Switching It Up’ Hosts Nicolas Bridgeman, Nick Gorse and James Williamson from BestPath dive into their experience at Cisco Live 2024.

May 16th 2024

Episode 15 – State of the Cloud Nation 2024

Join James and Nick as they unpack the 2024 State of the Cloud Nation. Discover the latest trends, from fierce competition to network elasticity and more.

May 16th 2024

Episode 14 – Happy New Year Trends, 2024 Style

Join Jimbo and Nick, your Network IT specialists, as they review 2023’s trends and dive into this year’s predictions. They reflect on centralising services, improving infrastructure visibility, and security challenges.

May 15th 2024

Case Study: Driving Innovation and Operational Effectiveness for a Leading Automotive Brand

Our client, a leading automotive brand, recognised the imperative of maintaining…

February 27th 2024

How to get your C-suite enthusiastic for automation

5 steps to getting your project greenlit

December 12th 2023

Episode 13 – IT Network Jack and Climbing the C-Suite Beanstalk

In this festive Christmas episode of Switching it Up”, hosts Graham, Nick, and Jimbo explore the challenges of selling IT projects to the C Suite.

November 30th 2023

Episode 12 – Driving Operational Efficiencies with Network Automation

Join us for Episode 12 of Switching It Up with Jimbo and Nick, where this time we’ll dive into the world of operational efficiencies and network automation, and how you can apply these to your business.

October 5th 2023

Planning your evolution to SASE and beyond

This guide has been prepared using our expertise in network and security solutions to give you an overview of the steps we’d advise you to follow when planning your evolution to SASE, to action an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure journey that is in complete alignment with your business objectives.

September 27th 2023

Episode 11 – Maximising the Value of Your Technology

Ensuring you get the best and most value out of your technology stack and software is key in today’s world of IT. Here, the team at BestPath give you some great tips and advice on what to look out for.

September 21st 2023

Technology Value Realisation

Five key actions you can take to get ahead of the field and ensure the best ROI from your technology.

August 18th 2023

A Strategic Framework for Developing your Data Centre Network

Your business of tomorrow will need a Data Centre Network (DCN) that supports and enables it. The DCN will need to be efficient, stable, scalable, and secure, enabling your organisation to focus on the core activities that make it unique.

July 27th 2023

The Journey to Network Observability – Industry Best Practice Discussion

Watch BestPath and leading experts from Cisco and Netscout as they discuss the fundamental steps to observability and what’s next for network visibility.

July 12th 2023

Emerging Trends in Network Design and Effective Performance Monitoring

In the ever-evolving landscape of network design, the demand for enhanced performance and flexibility is driven by advancing technologies and a corporate drive for growth within an increasingly competitive landscape. Read more about the emerging trends and common challenges.

June 20th 2023

Episode 10 – Visibility and Monitoring

Switchin’ it up is back in the studio! This time we’re joined by Rich Ferrier from AlgoSec, who talked with us about visibility and monitoring in the networking space.

May 16th 2023

Episode 9 – Skills and People Shortages

We sat down with George Barnes, CEO of Hamilton Barnes, in our brand new podcast studio to discuss the skills and people shortage in the industry, and whether or not it’s just ‘recruitment hype’.

May 4th 2023

Filling The Chronic Skills Shortage Gap

How to build a great team amongst the skills and people shortage.

April 11th 2023

The Increasingly Vulnerable Network

What’s changed, and what you can do about it.

March 27th 2023

Episode 8: Security Comes with a Cost

This month, the guys discuss network security. We debate which is a greater threat to network stability: poor security, or outages? Do firewalls still have a place within a security infrastructure? What were some of the key takeaways from the world of network security at Cisco Live in Amsterdam this […]

March 3rd 2023

What Does Network Instability Cost to Your Business?

How confident are you that your business is placing sufficient emphasis on the stability of its network? Are you prepared for the costs, financial and personal, that could result from periods of network downtime?

March 2nd 2023

Putting the user first at Cisco Live

In February 2023, BestPath attended Cisco Live EMEA in Amsterdam, where James Williamson presented our experiences with Nexus Cloud to a packed auditorium. Find out more about the presentation, watch James’ interview on Cisco Live TV, and our other experiences over the week.

February 10th 2023

Episode 7: The True Cost of Your Network Being Out Out

Jimbo and Nick talk network outages in February’s edition of the podcast. Join the guys as they answer: What is the cost of an outage to business? What are some of the most common causes of outages? How is the industry attempting to mitigate them?

January 18th 2023

Episode 6: Happy New Year’s Trends

Happy New Year to all our listeners! In this episode, Jimbo and Nick talk the trends they expect within the industry for 2023.

December 22nd 2022

A Network Carol – The Ghost of Networks Past, Present and Future

Twas the night before Xmas and Network-Geezer Stooge was having a bit of a nightmare.

December 16th 2022

Episode 5: The Ghosts of Networks Past, Present and Future

Take a trip through time with the Ghosts of Christmas, where we talk all things networks.

December 13th 2022

Episode 4: The Cost of Infrastructure Consumption

What are the costs of cloud vs on-premise IT systems? BestPath provide guidance on the cost of infrastructure consumption. 

October 11th 2022

Curious as to how you stack up on your hybrid cloud journey?

Complete our simple online questionnaire to see your organisation’s hybrid profile and the risks and rewards you could be facing.

October 5th 2022

Episode 3: To Prem or not to Prem

BestPath tackle the debate between on premise and off premise IT systems – what are the pros and cons of each?

October 4th 2022

Hardware Shortfall – Using the Time to Your Advantage

BestPath present how to keeping progressing with your infrastructure journey amid hardware delivery delays.

September 14th 2022

Episode 2: Hardware Shortfall

BestPath discuss the current Hardware Shortfall, and the steps that businesses can take to limit the impact on IT systems and infrastructure.

September 5th 2022

Episode 1: Introduction

BestPath’s new podcast series. In this first episode, Jimbo and Nick introduce themselves, and provide a glimpse into what listeners can expect from this series.

August 30th 2022

How to deliver faster projects and take new products to market quicker with automation

BestPath present the key components that help drive the right infrastructure strategy.

May 10th 2022

Step 1 to digital transformation: it all starts with network automation

BestPath present key elements for digital transformation projects.

April 4th 2022

Digital transformation fuels great customer experience

BestPath present how digital transformation fuels great customer experience

March 28th 2022

Seven challenges facing CIOs in 2022 – and how to smash them…

BestPath present the details of seven challenges facing CIOs in 2022.

May 19th 2021

SDN: Industry drivers

Details of the industry trends that are driving SDN adoption and the benefits of migrating to modern network infrastructure.

April 4th 2021

MPAAS : Cisco Meraki case study

Details of how BestPath have delivered a Cisco Meraki solution for MPAAS to facilitate their company growth.

May 13th 2020

Publishing client : Cisco ACI multi-pod case study

Details of how BestPath have delivered Cisco ACI Multi-Pod to a publishing client.

April 6th 2020

Infographic : Cisco ACI value

Details of how Cisco ACI can add value to every business.

March 4th 2020

Financial client : Cisco ACI multi-site case study

Details of how BestPath have delivered Cisco ACI Multi-Site to a financial client.

October 10th 2019

Announcing ACIBeat

Details of how the BestPath ACIBeat can ingest ACI data into Elasticsearch. Retrieve Cisco ACI data via REST API and index into Elasticsearch.

October 9th 2019

Cisco ACI APIC – M3/L3 – fabric discovery

Cisco APIC-M2 and L2 EoS, EoL, APIC-M3 and L3 fabric discovery. This blog details interoperability between Cisco ACI leaf switches and APIC-M3 and L3 hardware appliances.

October 3rd 2019

Cisco ACI multi-site compatibility

Details of updates to the Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator version compatibility. This explains how the Cisco have removed the dependancies between APIC and MSO versions.

July 14th 2018

Cisco ACI role based access control (RBAC)

An overview of the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality available with Cisco ACI. This article covers some of the challenges found when configuring RBAC in a multi-tenancy private cloud environment.